Kevin Canty - Honeymoon (2001)

Uitgeverij De Harmonie


'I wanted to be a mixologist. I don't know where I got the desire, or even the word, which still has a kind of magic for me: mixologist. In the syllables of those letters are my parents' parties, nights of smoke and laughter and lipstick. I borrowed the Mr. Boston bartender's guide from the liquor cabinet and read it in my bed, imagining myself pouring, shaking, stirring, holding the sugar cube in a slotted spoon and drizzling the red liquor through. I learned the difference between lemon zest and lemon peel, I memorized the steps for a perfect Ramos Gin Fizz, I knew how to pour a Manhattan, a Stinger, a Grasshopper, a White Russian.' (Uit: Red dress)

(lees het volledige verhaal Red Dress)


Op zoek zijn naar liefde, geluk, verlossing, maar uitkomen bij ziekte, drank, drugs, vraatzucht en overspel, dat is het lot dat Canty voor zijn personages in petto heeft. Hij laat ze dansen, hij laat ze kruipen; bij vol bewustzijn, of verblind; maar altijd richting het ravijn.' De Volkskrant

Kevin Canty over Honeymoon

I didn't set out to write love stories, for this new collection. I didn't set out to write anything at all. I just showed up for work every morning in the little office behind my house, the same as ever, fired up the computer and waited for something to happen. This may sound like fun to you -- and it can be, when my imaginary friends are feeling cooperative -- but most mornings it is exasperating. (Kevin Canty Blind man's bluff), omdat korte verhalen geweldig zijn